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Play Baccarat at Slots Oasis Casino

An old French aristocrat’s game has gained popularity among players of the New World long ago. Today, Baccarat is played everywhere - in clubs, at parties, at real casinos, and, of course, in online casino.

Are there differences in game rules and terms of payment? The rules are the same everywhere. The aim of the game is to guess whose total score will be closer to 9, banker’s or player’s one. In this case figures and 10 are considered to make 0, an ace makes 1, while other cards are counted at their face value. Initially two cards are dealt. The player has the right to ask for another one, additional card. Question of the legality when banker deals a third card is solved using a special table. There is no pip-out playing Baccarat; from the amount of points higher than 9, 10 is subtracted.

Play Baccarat online at Slots Oasis Casino the player can bet on himself, on banker or a draw. In case of guessing one of the first two options prize will be paid 1:1. But with a draw at Slots Oasis Casino prizes are paid at a ratio of 1:9 rather than 1:8, as is customary in most online casinos. Thus, Slots Oasis Casino compensates solid (14%) house edge when betting on the draw.

At any time you can view statistics for your gaming session in Baccarat at Slots Oasis Casino, and there is no need to do their own writing, as at real casino.