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Play Blackjack at Slots Oasis Casino

Once upon a time Blackjack was a simple card game, the meaning of which was to get 21 points or as close to this sum ahead of banker. With the advent of casino new rules were added to the game, which gave Blackjack some pleasant diversity, offering players more choice. You can now double the bet, split the same cards by ordering the split, make insurance from dealers blackjack, or surrender preserving part of the initial bet.

In most casinos the dealer must stop after collecting cards making 16 or 17 points. Playing Blackjack online at Slots Oasis Casino dealer stands on 17. The player is acting on its own risk, trying to get closer to a cherished figure. In this case, only 21 of the first two cards are considered to be blackjack and prize is paid at the rate of 3:2 (at 5 Diamond Blackjack as 2:1). All other wins over the dealer in collection of points are paid by 1:1 rate; insurance from a blackjack dealer makes 2:1.

Along with traditional online Blackjack at Slots Oasis Casino can be played in 5 Diamond Blackjack, where the player is playing 5 hands at once, or Blackjack Perfect Pairs, where there is a possibility of additional bets for pairs of the same lead and/or value fall. Minimum bid is $ 1.
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