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Play Roulette at Slots Oasis Casino

Roulette online is a very popular and exciting game. At the roulette tables fate was often dealt short and pocketful of money was created. For hundreds of years aim and rules of the game have not changed. Guess the number, color, combination, put chips into the appropriate field, and wait for the result, observing the rotation of the wheel and the unpredictable movement of the ball. The less number are included in the combination, the higher the payoff is, from 1:1 at the red-black and the even-odd up to 1:37 (European Roulette) or 1:38 (American roulette) in case of bet on number.

We offer visitors to try their luck playing European and American roulette online at Slots Oasis Casino. Minimum bet is $1, maximum bet makes $250, but in case of agreement with the manager for VIP clients the upper limit can be increased.

Newcomers should pay attention to the features of both types of roulette at Slots Oasis Casino. In the American roulette specialty is in presence of the field "double zero", on which you can bet as in Straight Up, or in combination with 2,3, and a simple zero. House edge in American roulette is slightly higher. In European Roulette there is also an additional field ‘track’, but its presence does not affect the house edge, but only brings additional diversity into play.